Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hammering away at Jide upgrades

Still hammering away at upgrading to the latest version of Jide. So many areas of the code to touch as we also want the user to be able to set their font size used by all the dialogs / panels. I have found so many areas of the code doing "new object" that don't need to especially in the table cell rendering area. I am replacing that with a single object that is just returned as needed. Silly to have that much object thrash.

Some of the other areas I am making more generic. Too many specialized derivations of the table when one generic implementation with column definitions would fit the bill.

I was not around during the initial code creation. Much of it was done under huge time constraints. As we open files to edit them it is a good time to clean them up. We do delete a lot of code which could throw a lot of code metrics systems off course but we enjoy seeing the functionality stay the same and the code size shrink. Less code means less potential bugs.