Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mavericks, Java, Android Studio, GIT

I installed Mavericks today on my MacBook Pro. The install went fine but it stop me cold for developing on my Android project. Sweet Apple revenge? Not really, they just don't install the developer tools you need by default. I wish the update would look at what you had and update to match but it does not. I did an update of the OS, not a clean install.

Some are getting prompted to install the Apple version of Java 6. I did not get prompted to do so the first time I tried to start up Android Studio. It just did nothing, no bouncing icon and no error message. Highly annoying and not user friendly.

Apple link to Java 6 that works on Mavericks

With that installed I was able to fire up Android Studio but it could not find GIT. I shut it down.

I was waiting on the install of Xcode to finish. Once that was done I fired up Xcode and it decided to grab the developer command line tools. Now GIT is installed and ready to go.

I appear to be back up and running as far as my Android and iOS development goes.

Outlook is acting weird. It decided to sort of dock itself and moving it just popped back into place when I tried to move it. I then tried Window -> Minimize and restore but that did not help so I did Window -> Zoom and then Outlook did some odd animation witch under a house shrinking up into the corner. I did command Q to quit and restart. It came up with half an email message scrolled off the screen. Doing View -> Navigation Pane seemed to get it back in order for now. It is painting weird in that you can only see half the "Today"header of the email headers.

Macports is not working. First it could not find GNUTAR so I did the following:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/tar /usr/bin/gnutar

Which let it update and start the update of apps but now it has new issues. They plan and releasing an update soon so I am going to wait on that.

What I really want fixed is the crappy multiple monitor support of Mountain Lion. I really hope Mavericks makes that better. So far it has been a real time killer to get things up and running as a developer though.

I really miss Xtrafinder too. I know Apple added tabs but the other huge feature to me is the ability to sort directories to the top of the listing always. I understand if you don't like that but give us a freaking setting Apple! I don't want to scroll all over to find a stupid directory intermixed with my files. I am sure there are plans to update that too.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey technology stop bothering me!

I love technology, it is how I earn a living but there are times when the magic turns into an annoyance. Let's take Amazon for example. I don't order a lot from them but I do order a couple of times a year and it has kept me out of the mall at christmas. There are times I am just researching something that I buy local, like our new microwave, and there are times I am looking up products for someone else.

To Amazon this means old Kevin is about to buy product X. We need to hound him about it until he buys it from us. To some folks this might look like magic. How did Amazon know I was thinking about getting a new camera? They just sent me a list of sales, that is awesome. Yes, I bought a zoom lens from Amazon for my camera. That is the only camera related thing I wanted to buy but to them I need to be an impulse buyer and get more and more crap. I want a setting to shut that off.

At least camera equipment fits in the all age range. One year my youngest son was into Go Diego Go so I ordered a few items related to that for christmas. I still get emails from Amazon about Go Diego Go. That ship has long sailed for him. No longer age appropriate. Don't know if they have an age out flag or not.

I have also researched things for other people while there were at my house. Things I am not interesting in ordering for myself. This included looking prices up for the Kindle. Yes, I am an Android programmer but I would stick with a stock Android tablet. The Kindle was the right thing for this person though so I was simply helping out. Now I get Kindle based information in my email.

Companies can only guess at what you want. There is no magic here. I have been able to kill some of the email from Amazon. They stopped sending me stuff about shoes because I could disable that category. I am pretty sure this happened from me ordering house slippers one year. The categories they manage are too broad. I don't want to shut off all electronics to stop Kindle emails.

I guess I could stop all the emails. Silly me thinks one day I will get some super sale email that is the deal of the century and who wants to miss that? Right now they go straight to the trash. Well, not straight there, I usually peek at the contents of the email and trace back to what I might have researched for them to bother me this time. Yes, I am analyzing Amazons analysis of me. Let's just file that under vicious circle for now.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Initial thoughts on iRadio - not overly impressed

I have a Mac at work that I use for both iOS and Android development. I installed the latest iTunes to go along with the latest Xcode and it popped up a reminder about iRadio so I figured I would give it a shot. I have used Pandora in the past and have ripped a good number of my personal CD collection to various formats to listen to on my PC / phone / etc.

As an old school hair metal band lover, which greatly explains my tin ear, I chose Kiss as a radio station. It played the first song from them then played the exact same song again and tried to play it again. I finally got it to skip forward to a new song. So far this has been a one time glitch.

I have used iTunes to listen to a shuffled version of ripped collection at work. It appears iRadio has the same issue that iTunes does which is terrible shuffle logic. Same song can appear twice in a row or with only a few songs between it. You may hear a couple of songs off the same album in a row. Ugly.

I use MediaMonkey on my PC at home and don't have this issue with shuffling. It appears to remember what it played and what album it came off of giving me what I consider a proper shuffle. Apple just does not appear to care as this has been an issue with them forever. They went random song selection without other context around it.

So far every song but one I have heard I also have in my music collection. Which is good in one way, I like them, but bad in that I am not getting exposed to anything else. When I used Pandora it found bands I was unaware of - Iced Earth being one of them - and I bought CDs from that band. I find Pandora's discovery system to be superior. This may be catalog related, I don't know what Apple has to choose from and I am well aware new hair metal is hard to come by.

I was happy to see you are allowed to pick explicit lyrics. I really want to hear the original version of the song, not a censored version. So far only one song has played with obvious explicit lyrics from the land of Ted Nugent.

Ads are short and don't appear too often but I have only heard 4 different ones. I have been told about Neil Diamond and the Nissan Versa way too many times already.

iRadio played "She's only 17" from Winger and had no clue what it was. No album art, no song title or artist. It just showed "Kiss Radio". Heck of a way to sell songs. It has done it twice with that song, there were only two songs in between the plays, stupid shuffle logic.

It got stuck trying to stream a song. I had to hit next song and it played an ad then the next song. So far most of the time I skip forward it decides it is time to play an ad before giving me a new song selection.

You can't go backwards. If you really liked a song and wanted to hear it again you are screwed. You can pause, play and skip. Can't even rewind the song you are on. This is a not an optimal user experience to me.

Underwhelmed at this point. Sound quality is good. No skips or stutters while the music is playing. The internet connection I am on is speedy so that is to be expected. Some glitches but none of them are total show stoppers, just annoyances. Apple has some work to do here.