About Me

Currently I work in a mix of languages and environments. My preference is Android. I also do the iOS version of our apps. Both platforms utilize streaming JSON from REST calls into SQLite databases. When the mobile programs are in ship shape I do server side Java and client side JavaScript for our main applications.

I have been working in Java since the 1.1 days when you debugged in J++ and have been working on and off in C# using both WinForms and WPF. I am pretty new to JavaScript but have written a fair amount of code in it.

Custom GUI controls are a speciality that I have written in many languages: Borland C++, Delphi, MS C++, Java, Objective C, C# WinForm and C# WPF.

At work my nickname is GUI cop as I can look at a dialog box and tell you a button is off by one pixel. I don't like it when the interface does not look professional and consistent. I love a company that has an excellent UI design group so we can bounce ideas off each other.

I push for warning free code and use tools such as Lint, PMD, Coverity and FindBugs to ensure that extra mile of code cleanliness. A variety of IDEs comes into play depending on the language and platform I am using. This includes Eclipse, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Xcode and various text editors. I love to find new tools to use for development.

I have also worked with internationalization in C++, Java and C#. I don't read, write or speak other languages but I have helped internationalize the software so others can localize it. This include displaying news stories in Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Chinese. My Java projects have been localized in Spanish, German and French.

I enjoy cooking especially grilling. I will grill no matter the weather, I have been out on the deck in 15 degree weather, snow, rain and the super hot we get in Kansas. I have catered parties for friends and often get requests to write a cookbook.

When it comes to computer games I like a solid RPG or FPS but will play the casual match 3 games from time to time when I don't want to tax my brain or reflexes. I enjoy crossword puzzles and subscribe to Games magazine where I will try about anything they throw at you.