Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Useful tool for getting Android crash logs - free

One of our QA staff had loaded our Android APK that is still in the testing phase and was getting a crash. This means nothing is being sent to the Google Play Store. Previously I would have them set up the Android SDK on their box and grab the crash or just drop by my office. This person works remotely. I needed a new solution. I found the following app on the Play store:

It is called Log Viewer and will let you view the log on the device or email it to someone. Turns out she had an out of date APK and the issue had already been fixed. Easy this time but next time...

We do have another remote device that is crashing much later during the app run. I am going to have them install this and get me the report so I can track that down. Very handy tool. I installed it on my phone too as there are times I am demoing something I am working on and it never fails I will crash it in some very odd manner. Now I can just email myself the crash and deal with it later.