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Monday, August 23, 2010

Have you ever won anything from a website or web survey?

I get a lot of e-mails to do surveys for various computer sites / web magazines. The promise of a $100 GC or maybe an iPad is always attached. I fill them out from time to time if I think I have any input on the subject at hand but I have never won anything. Some promise 10 or more people will win something. Has anyone ever won something off one of these deals? I would guess they have to be on the up and up but who sees the list of winners?

NewEgg at least will post the winners after a graphics card give away. I just want to win one so I can have a reason to upgrade the rest of my computer. "Sorry honey but I just won a $400 graphic card but I don't have the proper slot on my motherboard to use it, time to upgrade to take advantage of the free thing I got!"

I would also love to win an Android phone. Don't see contests for that. I have a Samsung phone that has a keyboard for text messages but the keys tend to double bounce and it does not auto start a new sentence after you hit SPACE twice like the BlackBerry did. I liked the BlackBerry keyboard, did not have issues with double letters or missed letters. Wife took over that phone. Don't do wireless contracts so I would have to buy an Android outright. They keep changing them around so I keep hesitating as I really want 2.2 OS at a minimum and I want a phone I can upgrade the OS on later. Hate to get locked down. One day I will pull the trigger.