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Monday, October 4, 2010

I now own and Android phone

Various things came into play but I decided to buy an Android phone. I have the Samsung Galaxy S via T-Mobile, which was my current carrier. First, my son is doing a lot of things with Boy Scouts so he has needed a phone while out in the neighborhood selling popcorn, trash bags and grocery store coupon books. He has also had to borrow others phones numerous times to get hold of us after camp outs.

Second my wife calls me to get web information while she is out and about. Mainly phone numbers and addresses. She has an older BlackBerry but with the new data plan it also gets web access.

Finally I am going to get to do some coding on a project for the Android and just using the emulator seemed like not the way to go. You always want to run on the real hardware if you have the chance.

I have an iTouch so most of the operation is very familiar. Still learning all the ins and outs. Seems to be a solid phone, very fast and I am happy with it so far. Nice to have the web in your pocket all the time. I was able to monitor NFL scores while out shopping yesterday.