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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One iPhone provisioned

I made a number of updates to our iOS application including some related to multitasking. Everything was running fine in the simulator so I needed to put it on the iTouch to verify things worked sans multitasking. No go. It decided the profile was screwed so I could not install it. I found an old profile and deleted that but still no go. Looked on the web and found you have to manually open the project file outside of Xcode and remove the old provisioning lines. Gee thanks Apple for not even fixing this in Xcode 4!

I installed JEdit on the Mac for simple text editing via a free editor some time back. Wish I had PSPad but this serviceable. After you figure out the project file is a directory even though it does not look like one and you do a right click and Show Contents you are able to see the project file. I made a copy in a backup directory then I removed the provision profile line and saved it.

Fired up Xcode but it still was annoyed so I opened the plist file and set everything in the Code Signing Identity to automatic iPhone developer and it finally worked. Since I had success on the iTouch I asked the QA person to try their phone again and it installed without a hitch. Somewhere the Gods shown upon me today and I was able to get two devices working with minutes of each other. Nice sense of accomplishment but really people, this should not even need to be discussed, it should just work.

My next worry is also related to hardware. We plan on getting a new Macbook Pro when the new line ships this week (wink wink nudge nudge) according to the rumor mill. Will I be able to move over the profiles? Will everything go down the toilet? Will Xcode 4 hate the new hardware and just go belly up? The answers to these and other mysteries next week. Might need to call Robert Stack. That would get a great Mac website for questions - Robert Stack Overflow. I am very nervous this is going to be a massive cluster. Apple has given me no reason to believe otherwise. All experiences thus far have lead to non-working code releases with every attempt to do anything logical.

Today I move back to the Android to make similar changes. I already have the multitasking changes in place, that was easy, but need to do some minor UI tweaks to get them in sync. I really have no fear of any issues on that side. It will just work as it has in the past.