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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My note to Apple after more Xcode pain

After having beaten my head against a wall for the last couple of hours I can not express how disappointed I am with Xcode and iOS development in general.

I just wanted to submit version 1.1 of my app to the app store. I had archived the app, or so it seemed, but I was unable to find the archive on disk to submit via App Loader. After searching the HD over and over having no luck I finally found a web posting stating that anyone who upgraded a project from Xcode 3.2 to Xcode 4.0 was hosed. You had to manually delete some settings from the project file to get the archive to appear in the Organizer.

Thanks so much for reporting success to me over and over when it really was not successful. That just makes my day. Don't report success if it does not happen. Please have your %$$#@ QA team test your products. Apple seems so worried about NDA on a stinking IDE that it really does not get tested. Please let people test this stuff before you waste so much of my time.

After I got the archive to work I pressed Validate and Xcode crashed. Next time I pressed Submit and it crashed again. I rebooted just in case the other work I had done had annoyed your fine IDE. Nice going QA, love that you did not test submitting an app via the IDE, the IDE I am forced to use to submit to the one app store out there. Again what a huge waste of my time.

I search the web again. Known problem. Fixed, I can only hope, in XCode 4.01. Yeah, thanks Xcode for NOT telling me an update was available.

I realize Apple users are too stupid to install patches. So nice of you to think about the dumb, the ones not already in your QA department, and force me to download 4.6g of Xcode for the 3rd time. Yes, I love hogging my bandwidth for 10 hours, please more sir.

You owe me about 30 hours of wasted time using your untested products so I can spend more money to submit them to the ONE and ONLY app store. I can only hope the updated app does not get rejected for some crazy reason. And I really hope the 4.01 works, I bet it breaks something else that will haunt my dreams.

It has not been any sort of pleasure working with Apple, Xcode or the Macbook. It took us over a month to get our simple account straightened out. Every interaction I have had with Apple has been painful. I don't find Mac products to be friendly or easy to use. In fact I hate them but it pays the bills so I work on both our Android and iOS apps. The Android side is so much more pleasant and easy to work with I can't even begin to tell you.

UPDATE: 4.01 did not crash when I pressed Validate but it showed yet another issue. I had to do some more web research to find out how to fix that. Validate passed, Submit worked and the app is out on the app store. Of course even after downloading 4.6g of crap it is now downloading iOS 4.3 library. Why is that not included in a 4.6g download already? When does "user friendly" have to equal "bandwidth stupid"?