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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Starting my Android conversion of the iPhone app

While the iPhone app is not complete I have begun my Android conversion. Currently the iPhone app is in internal QA and there are a few areas the server team needs to get in place before I can finish things but it is a fully usable app at this time. Since we want to release both apps in sync I need to get the Android side going again.

It is always weird when you switch languages. I have been buried in Objective C for the last few months. Java is a welcome site at this time. First only having one file open per project is so much easier. My code tree looks tiny, I keep thinking I forget to convert a file because the package is so much smaller than the group.

I am starting with the DB tables as I need that full schema in place for everything else to work. What I did to was a pretty easy port and I was able to cut and paste code with minor tweaks. Some of it I have not ported yet as I need to work with lots of rows in Android tables to see how best to handle it. The core concepts will be the same but a lot of data access will be different.

Feels good to get as far along as I did today. First day in a long time I have not been using my mind all day long. This has been pretty mind numbing but you need that from time to time. Happy to be back on my MS Natural keyboard too with all the keys including the numeric keypad. The Mac Book keyboard is OK but really has a limited key set.

Being able to hit Ctrl+Alt+O again to automatically handle all the import statements is great. You don't know how much you miss that feature until you don't have it. Plus Eclipse will auto add imports if you cut / paste from one file to another.

Working on a dual screen configuration is also nice. My monitors are more at eye level so I am not as hunched over as I am on the laptop. I have the iPhone code up via PSPad (my free Windows editor of choice) on one screen and Eclipse full screen on the other.

I know I am in for a bit of a long haul on this. Somethings will not convert smoothly to the Android, some areas will have to be rethought, areas I make fancier on the Android will have to be ported back to the iPhone. I will need to stop and go back onto the Mac when the server calls are ready to I can finish that up and get ready for beta customer release.

Don't miss typing [[[ to get an allocation, init and autorelease going that is for sure. Not hitting the @ key for strings is great too. Stuff in Java feels native to Java, some things in Objective C when doing iOS development feel like "you are not doing the normal thing, you must type more to suffer". Hitting Ctl + Mouse Click to jump to a method jumps to the right method in Eclipse. In Xcode it finds methods with same name and gives you a list to pick from. I am in the M file with the method, just go there. Highlight a string and press Comand + F - screw you, type in what you want to find! So I have to Select, Cmd + C, Cmd + F instead of Select and Cmd + F.