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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jelly Bean on my Xoom

Jelly Bean arrived on my Xoom last night and so far I like it. There are new animations during app transitions, when you have multiple unread emails you get to see the subject of each of them in the notification window and everything seems to be snappier which was the main point of this release.

Install was a ~80meg download followed by the install and reboot. Of course once the machine reboots all can seem snappy for a bit until you run a bunch of apps. I will see how this version does over time. It does look like Google is taking the knocks against Android seriously though. Always tough to fix something without breaking something else. All the apps I tried last night worked like a champ.

I think some of the new transitions happen during certain initialization stages of the app. I watched the USA Today app run a couple of the new transitions more than once which probably means that app is doing something odd that needs to be adjusted. As a programmer I know I have run into this in the past. You don't realize you are doing some initialization twice until you see the screen flicker, a double message in the log file etc.

Curious if they will come out with a version of Jelly Bean for my phone. Might be the thing that pushes me over the edge to root the phone and install something no directly from Samsung. Since Samsung no longer does OS updates for my phone I don't feel bad about doing this or worried that I will screw it up not waiting for an official release.