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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I hate McAfee

I absolutely hate McAfee antivirus. It sucks your CPU dry. This is the second company that I have worked at that uses this pile of crap. It makes my machine nearly unusable. I have used other anti-virus software that does not cause this issue.

McAfee insists on looking at every JAR file. Since they really are ZIP files it wants to open and unzip and look all the damn time. It is killing me. We had the tech team set up some exemptions and that worked for a bit but I have a feeling they got wiped out and I am back to not being able to write code. Anything using JAR files is super slow. I can't get any work done this morning so I decided to bitch on my blog instead.

I don't get viruses. I don't download stupid crap. I don't fall for scams on the internet. I just want to code but today I can't do that due to a piece of crap software that as NEVER during my time using it ever caught anything on any computer that I use EVER. I have put up with this crap for year and I hate it, hate it, hate it.

There has to be a better way for it to ignore stuff it has looked at 50 times already in a single day. Come on people, your software sucks and it is ruining my productivity. It has never helped me in the 6+ years I have been tortured by your crap.