Sunday, February 24, 2013

Switching wireless routers

I had a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that I had been running for a number of years. My family started complaining of wireless dropouts on various devices, PC, tablet, phone, Wii, DVD player etc. I changed channels and tweaked other setting but nothing seemed to fix the issue.

Since you are not in the market for a router very often I polled my other technical friends and decided upon the NetGear R6300. This is a big step us as I tend to be pretty frugal and I have always dealt around the $50 range on a router. Microcenter had this baby on sale for $179. It was highly recommended and appears to have enough features to future proof me a bit so I went for it.

It has worked flawlessly. I have some devices that use the 5G side of things. Set up was very easy and it seems to have all the features I need. I have no idea why the old router was annoyed but I am guessing it was fighting with other routers in the area. Nice to have the problem solved. Not a single drop that has been reported to me at least. Printer hooked right up to it as has every device in the house.

Felt like changing clocks to DST. Run around the house and try to remember where every device is that uses the router and configure them. Was interesting to see which ones saw the 5G side and which did not. My main desktop is hardwired in so I did not have to worry about that, my son's machine or the Dish network wireless access point.

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