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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Motorola Xoom aint what she used to be

I have had the Motorola Xoom for a couple of years. One of the early Android tablets. It is dual core but boy is it showing its age. Part of this is due to my quad core Note II. Everything on my phone is really snappy. Things on the Xoom used to be snappy but now everything seems slow. Boot up time really stinks.

Button presses to get to home screen or bring up list of running apps are pitiful. I still use the tablet a lot for content reading. That works just as well as it always has although the screen is not super bright nor does it have the great colors of the Note II. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles more on the tablet as you can see more of the clues and all of the grid.

Not ready to get a new tablet just yet though. The Xoom works for its specific purposes. The direct plug-in charger quit working but the base charger I ordered from Amazon works just fine. If that goes out then the tablet will be useless.

Next time I will look in a smaller than 10" range but I don't know if 7" is big enough. Probably something in the middle. At least on the Android side of things there appears to be a nice variety to choose from. The current size / weight can make it a bit tough to hold one handed for extended periods of time. I am usually petting a cat while reading articles or using my other hand to one finger type crossword puzzle answers.