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Monday, August 26, 2013

Converted from ActionBarSherlock to new Android compatibility library

Since I was never able to get ActionBarSherlock (ABS) to play nice with Android Studio (AS) I thought I would convert to the new blessed by Google Android Compatibility Library and the ActionBarActivity.

Of course that did not work out as planned. I finally gave up on AS and just got it working in Eclipse. I tweaked the code and add an action bar menu item, setup a new base class and did some code clean up. It all works great. I guess I need to try it all in AS again but it gets so frustrating. I really like IntelliJ and there are some cool features I am missing by sticking with Eclipse but AS just is not right in the head when it comes to working with 3rd party libraries you need to import as library projects.

Some are now saying "Yeah, the IDE will show an error but it will run on your device!" Look, I hate warnings in my code and tend to turn as many of them on as possible so the IDE catches as many stupid mistakes as it can. Now to have an outright error everytime I build? No thanks.

I do like the new compatibility library. Got rid of the word Sherlock from various areas in the code so it all looks more native and cleaner. I have missed working in Android land and with a little break in the action I have been able to sneak back in there to do some minor tweaks to our app.

My plan is to get it all working in Android Studio so I can use the best of both IDEs. Prior to ABS and now the compatibility library I was not having any issues doing that.