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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey technology stop bothering me!

I love technology, it is how I earn a living but there are times when the magic turns into an annoyance. Let's take Amazon for example. I don't order a lot from them but I do order a couple of times a year and it has kept me out of the mall at christmas. There are times I am just researching something that I buy local, like our new microwave, and there are times I am looking up products for someone else.

To Amazon this means old Kevin is about to buy product X. We need to hound him about it until he buys it from us. To some folks this might look like magic. How did Amazon know I was thinking about getting a new camera? They just sent me a list of sales, that is awesome. Yes, I bought a zoom lens from Amazon for my camera. That is the only camera related thing I wanted to buy but to them I need to be an impulse buyer and get more and more crap. I want a setting to shut that off.

At least camera equipment fits in the all age range. One year my youngest son was into Go Diego Go so I ordered a few items related to that for christmas. I still get emails from Amazon about Go Diego Go. That ship has long sailed for him. No longer age appropriate. Don't know if they have an age out flag or not.

I have also researched things for other people while there were at my house. Things I am not interesting in ordering for myself. This included looking prices up for the Kindle. Yes, I am an Android programmer but I would stick with a stock Android tablet. The Kindle was the right thing for this person though so I was simply helping out. Now I get Kindle based information in my email.

Companies can only guess at what you want. There is no magic here. I have been able to kill some of the email from Amazon. They stopped sending me stuff about shoes because I could disable that category. I am pretty sure this happened from me ordering house slippers one year. The categories they manage are too broad. I don't want to shut off all electronics to stop Kindle emails.

I guess I could stop all the emails. Silly me thinks one day I will get some super sale email that is the deal of the century and who wants to miss that? Right now they go straight to the trash. Well, not straight there, I usually peek at the contents of the email and trace back to what I might have researched for them to bother me this time. Yes, I am analyzing Amazons analysis of me. Let's just file that under vicious circle for now.