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Monday, December 9, 2013

Thought about dipping into Windows Phone dev but it requires Windows 8

I do Android and iOS programming already and I thought about dipping into Windows Phone just to test the waters. I have done C# WinForm and WPF development in the past so I know my way around Visual Studio and C#.

I did a little research and you must have Windows 8. I just am not in the mood to do that. I support my family and my extended family on all things technical. I use TeamViewer to remotely take over their machines to clean up toolbars - oh man do I hate toolbars - and other issues.

Every machine, as of last Saturday, that I support is runnings Windows 7. Finally they are all in sync. I don't want to move to Windows 8. It seems a big MS mistake attempting to combine touch screen and desktop into one platform. I have buddies who have used it and don't like it. It may be more end user friendly but it is less technical dude friendly.

Stinks, I probably could have had some fun playing around with Windows Phone development. Who knows, I might have converted on my apps to it and put it on the store. At this point I am saying NO to Microsoft. My hardware can easily handle Windows 8. I built the machine myself, which is what I have done for years.

If the upgrade was cheap I might consider running it in a VM. But MS charges quite a bit for an OS thus they are keeping me out of the experimentation phase. Real shame MS, you want more phone developers but things like this keep me away.

Oh, just in case you think "Well you bought a Mac for iOS!" Nope, I only do iOS stuff for work, not for my personal stuff, so I only do it on my work MacBook Pro. Heck I could probably Hackintosh my PC via a VM and get a Mac running cheaper than Windows 8.