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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A new grill for the family

Just went a bought a grill for my Birthday / Father's day. They generally fall right on top of each other which stinks but does allow for a combination gift.

I listen to a grilling show sponsored by Smoke 'n' Fire on a local sports radio program. I have purchased supplies from them in the past including tools, rubs and spices. They had a Father's day sale going where you get a cover and a free cooking class if you buy a grill. I got the Beefeater Discovery 5 burner grill. I grill at least 3 times a week no matter the weather and I grill a lot of food each time so we have left overs for lunch so I wanted the surface space.

I was going to get a 4 burner but they had only one left and it was already assembled. I would have had to pay the $70 assembly fee which was close to the difference to just upgrade the 5 burner. I have no problem assembling items plus when you assemble it you know more about it.

Becky and Trevor picked it up this afternoon and it was missing a few nuts so we had to stop back over and pick them up. Good thing the place is close. Previously I have bought the large but inexpensive grills. I have proven I grill so it was time to step up to something professional. I was looking for easy to clean, rock solid and gas based. I did a bunch of on-line research and the store really recommends this one. It has much better construction that what I have bought in the past and appears to be super easy to clean. I love cooking and am excited to give this a try.

Pretty easy to assemble. Nice to have a grill cover again to keep the birds out. Seasoned the grill with oil and will try my first burgers on it tomorrow as I cook for a little Father's day party at our house.

The grilling class is not until next month. An hour and a half class where I am sure to pick up some really cool pointers - or should that be hot pointers? Not like I am a beginner but just like programming there is always more to learn.