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Friday, June 18, 2010


Welcome to Kev Said What? which will be about the fun I have daily programming in Java / C# / WPF and using various programming tools.

To start things off here is a list of my favorite utilities, this could easily change at any time.


I use this all the time for editing all sorts of files and for its grep features.


This is where the Java programming occurs. What not NetBeans? We are using TFS for version control and it has a plug-in for Eclipse. Plus we are doing an Applet so we are not using any other super special features.

MS Visual Studio 2010

This is for all my C# / WPF work. I was doing C# with WinForms but now we are doing WPF work. Probably will be more post about that right now.


It is free and works like a champ.

Burn Aware

Nothing fancy but it works and it is free.

Google Chrome / FireFox / Opera

I use them all. Right now I use Chrome at work and Opera at home as I have FireFox set up for the family and they keep changing my tabs. 

Paint.NET / Photoshop Elements

Love Paint.NET as it is free so I install it on every computer for quick photo editing. I use Photoshop Elements when I am doing more detailed work with a lot of layers. I am not a super star with either but can get my way around in them and have combined 4 photos into one for some really cool Christmas cards. This is an area I want to learn more about.

Along with programming I also enjoy cooking. I grill at least 3 times a week year round. I have been out grilling in 15 degree weather many a time. Makes it harder to judge your on grill time but it always tastes great.