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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Alive

Finally have the DotImage code working so that QA can actually see an image from the nightly build. What a pain. The Atalasoft team was very helpful and between their suggestions and some tweaking on my end we finally have it working today. Took nearly a full week of tinkering which is not very productive and hopefully someone will not accidentally make a change that screws it all up in the future.

On a totally different topic: I don't often buy things just for myself but I just wanted to get the Starsky and Hutch Gran Turino and the original Batmobile from the 60's TV series in 1/18th scale for my computer desk collection. I found them on-line for a reasonable price and they arrived today.

The Gran Turino has the slap on police light on the top, proper paint and rims. I know I bought the glue it together yourself model kit as a kid. They never had the real car as a kit I could find. As close as I got was a Chevy Nova, probably was a Gran Turino out there but I did not know enough to tell the difference at the time. Sure I got it at Alco in Salina. I painted the stripe, I bet it looked like crap, and I remember I painted it across the trunk instead of over the roof. The next week when the show was on I had noticed what a screwup I was and I had to repaint my stupid model. Bet it made it look twice as bad as I just painted right on top of a lousy paint job with a second lousy coat. I know I used masking tape for the job and I am sure I pulled off some paint in the process but I had my Starsky and Hutch car.

The Batmobile is a model I always wanted as a kid and saw at the overpriced hobby store in the mall in Salina every time we went in there. I still have this car in 1/64th scale as a hot wheels car and have always loved it. Just verified it is in the hotwheels case right here in the computer room closet. Cheesy as they come but man I wanted that car in a larger scale. It was my goal to ask Grandma Peck to buy this for me if she ever came to town but it was out of the proper asking for a gift price range. The one there was a 1/24th scale and sat in a special display case. Don't know the price, it was probably around $40.

Every car I have has a story and I just needed to add these stories to my collection. Trevor and Spencer thought they were pretty cool. They also have the Duke's of Hazzard, KITT and the Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit at the same store, maybe another day.