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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mac annoyance

I download a new program on the Mac, in this case IntellijIDEA 10.5 for my Java work, via Firefox. I am using Firefox for the very handy SQLite Manger extension. Download completes so I double click on the downloaded file and I see an "extracting window" flash on the screen for a moment then I seem to be in a state of nothing happened.

Having done this before I know the window I am looking for has appeared BEHIND the browser. Why? I was interacting with the download, shouldn't that window come to the front? Guess not and to add to this barrel of fun you can't CMD+TAB to it either. Nice usability. You get to move the browser window out of the way or iconize it to to find the exact thing you just tried to interact with so you can drag the stupid icon to the Applications folder for it to install.

This is NOT user friendly, this is total crap.