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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

iOS 5.01 and WiFi - not happy

The iPad 2 I use for development and testing has been acting flaky. It is WiFi only and the connection comes at goes at will. I sit about 12' away from the wireless router. I had no issues at all until the 5.0x updates but since then it has been iffy at best. Searching the web and I found a lot of other people having the same issue. The Android tablet, also WiFi only, has had no issues.

On another Apple note the Java 1.6 update 29 caused us all sorts of memory leaks. Our clients could run our Java program on the Mac for about 15 minutes before running out of memory. No issues on the PC or Linux with update 29, just on the Mac. My boss dug into their bug fix and fixed their fix to release the objects properly and we are back in business. We checked in our overridden code to our project so our users are not hosed. Others on the web are complaining about this issue too.

I am also able to crash Xcode 4 at will. Edit M file, have intellisense / code complete / whatever they call it pop-up, three finger swipe to got to the H file and crash city. I have used the reporting tool to send this off to Apple. Happens to me at least once a week. They tend not to release fixes to Xcode unless they are doing a new iOS release so I bet this is not fixed in the near future.

Low hopes of the Java bug being fixed soon either. It has been a long time for a Java update - going from 26 to 29 - so I bet this hangs out there for a long time too. We don't find Apple to be all that developer friendly so you just suffer along and know how to work around things.

Winding down the round of mobile app development. I pretty much have the two in sync again. Pushing a gig of code on both sides. I added long press to do some default actions. My graphic artist / Mac buddies find most users have no idea a long press exists so I made sure there is a way to get to same functionality via another part of the UI. I just consider the long press a short cut but once you get used to it being there you really like it.

User beta feedback has been very positive. Almost no bug reports, just feature requests. Some of the features make sense and I have been able to quickly add them. Some are borderline insane so they are on a "do it later if ever" list.

I sat down and rethought the way I was doing favorites and got it working the same on both iOS and Android. Pretty happy with the final results and ready to see what the beta crowd thinks of it. I have also made some graphical tweaks to the new menu system to make it look better.

I cleaned up some bugs in the iToast code I got off the web to do Toast notifications on the iPhone. If I set the gravity to top or bottom it was not painting correctly in landscape mode - the mode I generally have the iPad in. I kind of cheated here. The Android Toast code handles multiple Toasts by queuing them up and showing them one at a time. The iOS version just painted them on top of each other. I was going to write the queue code and then found I could just set the screen position instead so I have the refresh message show up on the bottom of the screen and other messages in the middle. Avoids the overlap without a ton of work on my part. This only happens in one situation where you save a case and are coming back to the case list screen. One message is saying "Case Saved" and another "Case List Refreshed". No need to introduce complexity to solve one off needs.

More than ready for the Thanksgiving break. Thus all the polish work for this short week. Might as well leave it in a very stable state so I don't think about it over vacation. I ran the memory leak detection of Xcode and cleaned up all the issues I found. Always good to run that from time to time.