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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Xcode is still crappy

I keep crashing Xcode. I have an M file open and intellisense pops up. I do the three finger swipe to switch to the H file and it crashes. I lose the work since my last save. This happens at least once a week. So stop doing that the Doctor says. I switch between my PC using Eclipse and Xcode on the MacBook Pro multiple times per day.

I don't remember crashing Eclipse in a long time. I just use the IDE and it works. Then I get on the Mac to convert over some Android code I just wrote and I forget it crashes and boom I crash it yet again. Would be nice for Apple to fix this one but I have doubts it will happen as Xcode does not get updated very often. Sure they tie in a new iOS release but the IDE itself does not change much.

Just rebooted the Mac after an update install and crash, did not notice update was ready until Xcode died. Time to go back over and see how much of my work it lost this time.