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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

JIDE Table as a base for the scheduler

For the moment I am going to punt on MigCalendar and give JIDE a shot for our scheduler. We already have a license for JIDE so might as well get some use out of it and we can drop a custom control and JAR files from the project with the switch.

The JIDE table supports various row sizes, multilevel columns, custom rendering, row labels, etc. Pretty much everything we need I hope as long as I can get a really nice looking custom cell renderer in place. Row / Column spanning is in there but night be tricky to handle what we need. I also need to pivot things but will probably do that with a table reconfiguration instead of using their pivot stuff due to special layout needs.

I did run into some issues with the new MarginArea as the demo they provide was missing that file. I almost got the code running by guessing at they layout but it was not working. A quick email to them got me the example code I needed to complete the task. Very happy with the turn around time on that request.

Going to take some effort to get it all in place but for the first days work I feel I got a lot of progress done. The documentation is still a bit iffy, English is a second language for them and web support is light but I have a feeling I can fight through this one.

I hate to give up on MigCalendar but so many here have tried to make it work the way we need it that it is really time to move on to something else that hopefully solves most of our needs and does not introduce too many new headaches.