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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Switched back to Eclipse 3.5

I was running 64 bit Eclipse 3.6 but it kept crashing on me randomly. I might have hit Ctl+Shift+G to find references, hit Ctrl+K to find next or started a TFS compare and it would just go away. Very odd and all seemingly unrelated crashes but I don't have time to restart my IDE over and over so I am back on 3.5 64 bit version to see if it remains stable.

No other differences between the two, same plug-ins installed, same JDK running, same TomCat being attached against. I quick Google search did not turn up a rash of others having the same issue so I will just let it ride for now and watch for updates to see if they fix things later.

Yeah, back in Java for a bit to fix some older bugs and get them off the list for this Scrum. Feels good to be back in the familiar but I will be in VS 2010 again today for sure. I recently upgraded to 8g of RAM at work and that has made a reasonable difference over the 4g I had since I am running both VS 2010, Eclipse, Notes and Sametime. 64bit loves that RAM.

UPDATE: It looks like it is JDK 1.6 update 21 that is causing the issues. I was having random freezes after switching back to Eclipse 3.5, could not even begin to debug something. I have reset env variables to point to JDK 1.6 update 19 and things seem to be back to normal. I will run Eclipse 3.6 again and see how things work from there.