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Thursday, July 29, 2010

VS 2010 is a bit crash happy

I have been using VS 2010 for the past couple of months to do C# / WPF and Silverlight work. It has crashed on me a number of times. For a bit it just crashed and I could restart it. Yesterday it got stuck in an endless loop. A special icon on the task bar said it was busy and if stayed busy or got busy often I should tell Microsoft. All I did was hit the DEL key while in the editor. I assume it was attempting to update Intellisense.

Today it crashed so hard I had to reboot. I tried to just start it back up but it refused. I ran Process Explorer from SysInternals and could see some left overs so I killed everything associated to VS and tried again. Never even got the splash screen, just would highlight the button on the task bar (using Win 7) for a bit then nothing. I had to give up and reboot my machine so I could use it again.

After using Eclipse for years I find this highly annoying. I left Eclipse up for months on end. I don't shut my work machine down at night in case I want to VPN in to do something from home. VS 2010 has been very unstable. Less code takes a lot longer to compile, the editor is not as full featured and Intellisense does not work as well. I hope MS gets at least the stability issues fixed in patch.