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Friday, July 9, 2010

Winner of Image Viewer Wars

We have a winner of the Image Viewer wars. DotImage from Atalasoft appears to be our chosen one based on the following:

  • Supports WPF
  • Supports Silverlight
  • Allows custom annotations
  • Supports printing
  • Supports context menus for annotations
  • Excellent technical support
I was able to pull off everything we needed. The others, ImageGear and Leadtools, could either not handle what we needed or were maybe going to handle it in a later release. We kind of need it to handle things now, not later. I was able to get DotImage running very quickly and even with semi-spotty documentation on the custom annotation side of things I was able to get all that running in pretty short order.

Of course there is a lot more code to deal with to make it complete but that happens with every project. For now I will have to go back to my Java work for a bit to clean out some bugs freeing them up from this Scrum.