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Friday, July 20, 2012

Looking forward to Jelly Bean

I really like my Android phone and tablet but the lagginess of the UI is a problem. It appears Google has listened to the masses and have at least attempted to address this issue with the Jelly Bean release. Since I have a WiFi only Xoom I should see the update by the end of the month.

Sadly I will not get Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant phone where I really want it. I hate to get a call and not have the screen respond to me sliding to answer the call. The pretty much is a failure for a phone design, you must be able to answer a call especially when the phone is sitting idle on your desk. If I was in the middle of playing an intensive game them maybe they could have a minor excuse.

I have not found too much lag on the tablet and it is not a phone but I hope it improves enough that I can give Google credit for addressing this issue that has plagued Android from the start.

I don't use an iPhone other than for testing code I wrote but just from the interactions I have had with iOS is does seem to be more responsive. Background tasks can take longer to complete but when you are using the UI it is snappier. Cleaning this up should help Google ship on more devices. Not all devices will get the help they need which stinks. Of course older iOS devices don't get iOS updates either but they tend to get updates in a larger time frame than Android devices.

Close to rooting my phone so I can at least get Gingerbread on it. Will not solve all my issues but I could delete the apps I don't care about T-Mobile and Samsung shoved on there.

I downloaded the Jelly Bean SDK, tools and updated Eclipse today. I like the new Eclipse look, more modern but still clean leaving most screen space for coding. Don't have any Jelly Bean apps in mind but I like to keep my tools up to date. At least with Android I am able to target old and new SDK versions without an OS upgrade and a multiple gig download of an IDE I don't care for to keep working with my devices.

Monday will be the Lion upgrade and Xcode upgrade on the MacBook Pro. Then I can finally test my new iPad app on the actual device to make sure the UI is responsive. The simulator shows my paint / scrolling code to be very fast but the simulator is in now way a reflection on what happens on the device as far as speed is concerned. I really wish you could tweak its speed to be realistic.

Why Lion and not Mountain Lion? We will upgrade to Mountain Lion but I know the servers are going to be hammered when it is released. I can do Lion now so I can get Xcode updated allowing me to test the code on the iPad then when things have calmed down, some reviews have been published and maybe an update or two occurs we will go Mountain Lion.

I am running the MacBook Pro with and extended desktop onto a second screen. I have the simulator and Xcode running on the second screen but anytime I change the emulator - zooming or orientation - it pops back over the main laptop screen. That is crap way of doing things and very annoying. Leave the window on the screen where the user placed it. The simulator also paints odd at times. Not the app area but the border area they draw to make it look like the iPad. I am unimpressed with the Apple developers tools.