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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today's Apple Fun!

I need to test a new app on the iPad. iPad is 5.1x but I was on Snow Leopard and using Xcode 4.2. Can't run the iOS 5.1x SDK on this platform. I got Lion ready to go finally. Had to buy a new larger USB key so I picked up a $9 16GB at Microcenter over lunch.

Run disk tools to create Lion installer on USB key
Lion install went smoothly.
Run Xcode, tells me it is too old. Drag it to trash and it crashes.
Install updates to Lion amounting to 1.84g of download and install.
Still wants to install iTunes update but it fails on two attempts - give up on that.
Try to install free application from App Store - Xcode for Lion.
Wants credit card information, nope, not on a shared work laptop.
Look on web and find you can set up your account under iCloud without credit card info.
Attempt to do that but it wants to verify email first.
Don't appear to be getting email to confirm.
Finally realize it came to my personal account, I have gone round and round with Apple over this and they can't fix it - I log in with my work email but can't associate my work email account to the Apple account.
Confirm iCloud email via link click and login on my PC to Apple website
Ask iCloud to try again but it fails.
Close iCloud.
Open iCloud
iCloud is now happy so I click into manage account and it has a NONE option for credit card.
Update and save info.
Get multiple Apple emails to my personal email about the updates.
Open App Store.
Click on Free on Xcode in search results
Click on Install
Nothing happens
Click on Xcode to move from search results to full screen Xcode information
Click on Install
States Installing... but no status visible
Click on Purchases so I can monitor 1.53 download
Get another email from Apple saying I am downloading stuff and if I did not do that I should change my password. 
Ignore the email.

Run Xcode
Asks to uninstall old Xcode (guess the crash really did fail even though Xcode did not appear any longer in Applications)
Install old Xcode
Xcode runs some extra updates
Xcode up and running and I am able to run the App on my test iPad.
App runs great, scrolls around at full speed.

Try a couple of times to update iTunes and it continues to fail
Search on Google and it is suggested I download the DMG directly from Apple iTunes site
Download 170 meg of iTunes fun
Start installer - asks to close Xcode
Close Xcode - run installer
Installs just fine this time
Run Update checker - no updates found

System is now up to date, well as up to date as it can be with Mountain Lion ready in a few hours, Xcode runs and I can go back to app development. It was a bit of a winding road to get it all to happen though. Felt like way too many hoops to jump through to install the few things I needed to keep working.

Java is not installed by default with Lion. I am now downloading and installing Java so I can use AppCode and IntelliJ to do development. The keystrokes in Xcode are driving me nuts so I am going to switch to AppCode to see how that goes.