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Thursday, January 26, 2012

App released for App Store

It took 13 days to get the app released to that Apple App Store this time. I sent them a note yesterday as I was worried about the "review requires additional time" status. From what I could tell on the web this can be a death knell. It appears to mean Apple does not like something and wants to really review it to see if you are breaking any rules.

I sent them a note explaining we just send the data back to our server for it to be processed by the back office staff. Everything is pretty darn tame. I research everything to make sure I am not using a private API, all the graphics are legal, tool bars are in the correct place, back button works like it should, etc. We do store a lot of data on the phone due to CPT, ASA and Diagnosis codes for quick look up later. I wrote my own pop-up menu system that works on both iPhone and iPad to mimic the one I use on the Android but that is just a custom control. I explained all that in my note and it appears to have worked.

I have a couple of guesses. One they might have accidentally put it in the wrong status. I am sure this is easy enough to do especially if you are just choosing from a combobox. Second they could have been worried we were making money with the app by sending claims directly to insurance and they wanted a 30% cut of that. This app is just a simple tool to get data to the back office for processing. It saves the anesthesiologist time and money by not needing to drive back to the office to drop off paperwork.

In the end it is released and ready for our clients. We will be calling them today just in case they don't notice an update is available via the OTA process. I hope to hear some good news from them as I believe I have fixed all known issues at this time.

Previously it was released in a more timely manner: 5 days, 2 days, 2 days and 13 days for this round. Being in release limbo sucks.