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Monday, January 23, 2012

Why you don't get crash reports from Apple

I thought our little app was doing great, never a single crash report but then clients said they are crashing it. So what is the deal? Turns out to get a crash report the end user MUST connect their phone to iTunes and OK the submission of crash reports. Our clients are Doctors, they never connect their phone. They use it for scheduling etc. as a smart phone. We will never see a crash report from them.

I looked in the logs and I see they are running iOS 4.1. Yep pretty old but since Apple did not support OTA (over the air just in case you don't know) OS updates they never update their phone. Now 5.0x is not all that great on old phones, they run pretty slow with it, but since many users never attach their phone they never even see good updates and patches. Face it, iOS is fragmented but in a different way than Android.

On the Android side we see crash reports. When the app dies you are given the choice to send the report over your 3G / Wifi / whatever data connection. Our app is based on being connected so sending this data is no big deal. Apple decided to bundle up all the crashes on the phone and horde them like a dragon. 

When I attach an internal beta testers phone to my Mac I get to see all the crashes from our app and all other apps on the device. Stuff crashes a lot from what I see. Those developers never get to see their crashes either. This is a damn shame and a total false sense of security. I pretty much wanted to scream at how annoyed I am at Apple for not giving me access to crash reports so I can make my app better.

I am now going to have to look into some user written crash handlers. You can catch exceptions at a higher level and then you need to try and save the crash somewhere then write it to your server during the next log in. When your app is crashed you can't do much with the data and since there is no central support you are on your own as to how to handle it. We will need a new API on our server to accept the crash data so I can log in and get it at a later time to analyze the situation. They need to fix this. Apple has been less than developer friendly through this whole process and they continue to piss me off.

On the Android side my Motorola Xoom updated to Ice Cream Sandwich and I am happy with the upgrade. The fonts look a lot nicer and I like the new back / home / menu button look. I don't care for the "clear all" vs. "clear individual" notifications from the status bar. 

I wish my phone could be upgraded but they stopped that at Froyo. This is a big downside on the Android side. Each manufacturer gets to decide how much they want to hose over the phone so it is unique to them but when they do that they can skip all future Android releases. As a developer I want the latest stuff. End users don't seem to care and just want it to run. See the iOS stuff above to find out the a lot of iOS users never upgrade. With OTA maybe that will change on the iOS side but the 4.x to 5.x upgrade was not friendly to me or others causing you to lose everything if you did not back it up first. Doing that OTA is not a good idea.

I understand not getting ICS on my phone but I really want Gingerbread as Google sped up various aspects of the UI with some new memory management etc. Guess I will look into rooting it at some point in the future and if it works for me I will do it on my wife's phone too.