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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ouch - App Store rejection!

After a full week of waiting to review our app got rejected by the Apple app store. They found a crash, a legitimate and easy to reproduce crash that should have never made it past me or QA. A crash that occurred in all previous versions of the software. A crash that made it through to the store multiple times. It involved turning off some of the editable sections via the admin tool. I was using a tag as an array offset, if all sections are enabled the tag would equal the offset, but in the one test case this was going to cause an index out of bounds. I screwed up and should have labeled the variable as tag instead of as section. I probably was going to do that at one point but the crappy refactoring support in Xcode means I skip doing work like that from time to time.

It is my fault for not catching this earlier. For the test log in we sent to Apple you had three practices to choose from. The bug only occurred on the third practice in the list and only when you pressed the (+) to add a new image to list. Very glad Apple found this issue. I did not want a crash out in the hands of our users and I am sure many would have run into this issue as the layout of the editable items is totally configuration via our administration tool. That tool is not a mobile app but how each client configures what they want the doctor to enter is totally up to them. Annoying this was not caught by QA. As a developer you don't have time to configure piles of test cases in the admin tool then test things out on the mobile side of things. Something like this I should have tested though as it is pretty easy to configure and verify.

It works just fine on the Android. Due to language and GUI component differences the code is not a direct port between the platforms. Could be I was doing a quick conversion to the iPhone or I did the iPhone side first and caught the issue during the Android conversion or the Android code is so different that bug would not occur or I forget to go fix it under iOS post Android conversion. I was back and forth between the two on a daily basis.

Being the sole developer for two platforms is just not easy. I have no one here that can do Objective C code reviews. Someone could look over the Android Java code but I am the only Android developer so some parts of the API would not be familiar too them. Java tends to be Java so I am sure they could find issues if they looked hard enough. Heck, I could find issues if I gave it all a once over. I fixed the issue, ran some tests and we submitted it again.

Within an hour it was back in "In Review" status so Apple obviously saw we got right on the fix and did not move us back to the end of the line. I really did not want our clients to wait another full week for Apple to just start looking at the app again. I am hopeful it gets through the review process in a few hours and we can contact clients starting Monday to let them know a new version is ready that fixes the camera issues and this new issue.

I just got another note from Apple that they need additional review time but they will keep me posted. Must be time for a real test instead of the past two times where it was just shuffled right out into production.

 We don't appear to be getting crash reports from Apple. When we look in the crash report section nothing is listed even though clients reported crashes. I wonder if it is due to them running 4.1 iOS and the tabs for the crash reports start with the 4.2.x series. Does Apple throw away older iOS reports? We could tell clients to upgrade but we list support as 4.0x and above. Plus upgrading to 5.x series is not for the faint of heart. You darn well better back up everything because I know multiple people that had everything blown away. That was not the case when doing 4.0.x -> 4.1.x -> 4.2.x upgrades and people got a false sense of security. A lot of doctors just get the device and never connect it to a computer. I really don't want to walk them through that process.

Here's hoping the new update is available at the store on Monday!