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Friday, January 13, 2012

Submitted to the app stores today

I have fixed all the client reported issues, a few things I found, a few things QA found and I updated to the new favorite / default favorite processing that works across URL instances and new table loads. It started out being a small thing that got a lot bigger once I dug into what it was going to take to save favorites / reload tables / reload favorites properly across log in sessions. I am very happy with this release and feel good not calling it beta.

The big fix on the Android side was working with slide out keyboards. It was an easy manifest only fix, tracking it down and finding a device to test against were the fun part.

Under iOS the fix was crashing during picture taking due to low memory conditions. I had some bad pairing of create / dealloc between the viewDidLoad and viewDidUnload methods. Once that was straightened out and I was able to get hold of an older iPhone 3GS to test low memory on a device I am pretty darn sure I have this one licked. It did really show me how much Apple has moved forward with the later iOS versions. Before everything was killed instead of being put in the background. If you were mid edit on a case and accidentally hit the Home button to bad. Now the app is in the background and you can get back to it. Something I never had to think about on the Android. I am leaving some of the devices on the old iOS version to remind me of the pain. Plus a lot of users don't upgrade their iDevices because it is not OTA. They never hook it up to their PC. If you upgrade to iOS 5.x you must be careful and backup as it is going to wipe our your data.

Android update is available on the Market now so I can ask the client with the slide out keyboard to test it right away. Hopefully Apple will follow form and have the new release accepted by Sunday and we can have the clients test it starting Monday. They have hit the last couple of releases on the 2 day mark.

In between bug fixes I have been back to working on the JIDE grid based scheduler. I am wrote a custom label for showing the date with the day of the week in a smaller font over the month day, year. I have a pop-up calendar showing when you click on that control allowing you to quickly hop to any date. I added a gradient JPanel I used in some older projects to give the header where the date control lives a nicer look and have started to hook up some of the other buttons. Pretty soon I will move all of this over into the main product and actually load real appointments and display them in the new grid. I need to mess around with the renderer a bit before I do that so it can handle overlapping events and events that only occur in part of the time slot.

It has been fun to work without a device, emulator or simulator. Press and a window just appears and you start testing. Very small proof of concept app so everything loads in an instant allowing you to play around with very little pain. After awhile all apps become huge with features just slowing you down as you are tweaking the GUI. I also don't need to log in as I am not using real data which is also nice. Always good to have a small test harness to piddle around with new programming ideas.

I have Skyrim sitting on my desk, plan to install it tonight along with the patches. There goes this weekend, the next, etc. until the wife and kids don't recognize me.